We can competitively supply quality bunkering products to any port worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year


Eazy Bunker is the yacht industry’s premium fuel and lubricant supply specialist.

Building on years of experience dealing with yacht and port bunker operations, our staff and trusted network of local suppliers boast a unique understanding of our customers’ requirements. Also, we are constantly committed to make the world a greener place, planting a tree for each new refuelling.

What we do

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service by way of unrivaled attention to detail, and our commitment doesn’t end with simply obtaining the best price. We are well accustomed to offering assistance with voyage planning, be it a single trip with the owner in the Mediterannean, back to back charters in the Caribbean, trans-atlantic crossings, or even further afield into the Indian and Pacific oceans. We are always happy to help our customers identify the best time and place to refuel based on calendars, itineraries, market prices and of course quality of the product and delivery.
Also, Eazy Bunker is proud to support environmental sustainability with many partners and activities, one of the most important is that we plant a tree for each new refueling.

Our motto? Better safe than sorry!


We supply fuel in compliance with the ISO/SOLAS 60° minimum Flash point and MARPOL Annex VI 0.1% (1000ppm) maximum Sulphur content limit.

Our solutions offer the best compromise between economy, power, reliability and environmental acceptability.

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Market Movement

Discover the price movements of Crude Oil over the last 24 hours with these charts.

The first chart shows WTI Crude Oil (Light Sweet Crude), the crude oil classification generally used in the Americas, and the second chart shows Brent Crude Oil, the classification generally used in Europe: generally both of them follow very similar patterns, but can deviate significant in some circumstances.

WTI Crude Oil

BRENT Crude Oil

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