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We supply yachts worldwide constantly committed to environmental sustainability


Eazy Group is the first environmental friendly company working in the luxury yacht field: from fuel to green products, we can supply any client’s needs.

Eazy Group was founded in 2018 to join together three yachting companies all with the same missions and goals, always with respect for the environment and the continuous desire for evolution. With respect for the environment and the continuous desire for evolution we continue to expand our Companies with ecological and environmentally sustainable development.


Eazy Group’s believe in ethics, professionality, reliability. These are only some of the qualities that we are proud to promote.

Our personality is a composite of different qualities which reflect Eazy Group’s belief: ethics, professionality, ecological committed, reliability are only some of our qualities.

Edoardo Zucco

CEO & Founder

Edoardo Zucco, CEO and Founder of the Eazy Group Companies founded Eazy Bunker after many years of experience in the luxury yacht market as a fuel trader manager. Thanks to his experience in this market and his studies in Natural Sciences and Marine Biology he founded the first all Green Company in the yachting market, Eazy Green. A few years later he completed the group with Eazy Yachting, a luxury yacht agency. His mission is to supply the luxury yacht market with every service, remaining faithful to his ethics and his values by constantly engaging in environmental sustainability.

“We supply yachts worldwide with full commitment to environmental sustainability.”

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