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Nations agree on historic Treaty to protect Ocean life

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Nearly 200 countries have agreed to a legally-binding “high seas treaty” to protect marine life in international waters, which cover around half of the planet’s surface but have long been essentially lawless.

The treaty provides legal tools to establish and manage marine protected areas, and sanctuaries to protect the ocean’s biodiversity. It also covers environmental assessments to evaluate the potential damage of commercial activities, such as deep sea mining, before they start and a pledge by signatories to share ocean resources.

Protecting ocean life is a critical issue that has garnered increasing attention in recent years. The world’s oceans are home to an incredible diversity of marine species, from tiny plankton to enormous whales, and they play a crucial role in regulating the planet’s climate and supporting human livelihoods.

Protecting ocean life requires a concerted global effort. It involves reducing fishing pressure, protecting critical habitats, reducing pollution, and taking action to address climate change. It also requires greater awareness and education about the importance of ocean conservation and the development of sustainable practices that balance human needs with the health of marine ecosystems. By working together to protect ocean life, we can ensure that these vital ecosystems continue to support life on our planet for generations to come.

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